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How Important Is Social Media To SEO?

While Google’s official word is that they don’t directly utilize any social signals in their algorithm, the SEO community agrees that it certainly bears a lot of weight when achieving rankings. Those websites that have a large social following regularly receiver higher rankings in a shorter time-frame.

Not only can you use any social media platform to build social activity and increase your overall SEO strength, but you can use social media to regularly create back links that are free and relatively easy to build. Additionally, using these platforms helps to increase your referral traffic, and engages customers. As a rule, utilizing social media platforms should be part of every SEO marketing plan.

Facebook Can Help Build Your Reviews With Amazon

Facebook is one of the more popular sites because it’s a snapshot of public opinion, and Google has noted this by making Facebook activity a strong factor. It can be difficult to pick and choose which platform to use when you have a small budget, however, Facebook a must-have. And if interested in advertising on Amazon, the Proven Amazon Course is a great option.

Don’t Neglect Twitter

Many companies have begun to neglect their tweets because the platform isn’t as strong as others like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Twitter is still definitely worthwhile because it’s filled with discussions on the latest news and events. However, there is an easy way to weave tweets into your social media marketing plans. Schedule your tweets with Hootsuite, and start building up the counts. Even the laziest of webpreneurs can schedule tweets 3 months in advance.

The Professionals Platform: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool but many individuals don’t understand how to harness the power of this social media platform. It’s regularly promoted for the B2B industry to boost your personal brand. For some, the term B2B may be intimidating, but by joining LinkedIn you are able to join various groups and professionals in discussions, post relevant updates, and content that is relevant to your industry. This platform can also boost your search rankings, it really just depends on how committed you are.

Tracking Your Results

If you invest the time and effort into building up your social media profiles, you should track your results. Social media analytics is different from other web analytics because they measure the interaction of your fan base. There are several great software finds that help you to get valuable insight and improve your efforts;

~ Sprout allows you to track the performance of your profiles over time. It offers a free trial and the advanced level.

~ Hootsuite lets you pre-schedule your social media strategies, and they also offer free and paid plans.

~ Google Analytics is free and has basic social tracking features, but it’s not as comprehensive as Sprout or Hootsuite.

How people use the internet will continue to change so it’s important to keep up as the internet evolves because your actions will not go unnoticed by Google.