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Amtrak train service, Florida

Travelling by train is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of getting around in Miami. Miami is served by the Amtrak operated Silver Service which offers trips to and from Miami from various destinations around the U.S.


Travelling by train within the city is simple and affordable. The MetroRail, an elevated train that runs across the city, serves Miami’s locals and tourists looking to travel by train. The MetroRail has over 20 stations all over the city and has started construction on MetroRail's new Orange Line, a train expansion project designed to service Miami’s northern areas. The new Orange Line is scheduled to begin operations in the year 2012.

Notably, the MetroRail runs trains to many important tourist spots in the city. There are MetroRail Stations in the Miami shopping district, the downtown area, the museum Amtrak traindistrict, malls and other important locations. It is possible to get from one point in the city to any other point by taking the train in combination with short walks and bus rides.


Another convenient option for tourists travelling in Miami is to take the Metromover, a people moving train system serving Miami’s downtown areas. The Metromover is connected to the MetroRail and allows travellers to move around the city with ease. The Metromover also offers travellers a great view of Miami’s ever changing skyline.

Miami Tri-Rail

Tourists will also find that there are several Tri-Rail trains operating in Miami. These trains also make hourly trips to many locations outside Miami in Florida like Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Tri-Rail Trains usually arrive and depart on an hourly basis except during weekends where trains come and go at two-hour intervals.

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