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Guide to Local Transport in Miami

Miami buses

There are many different ways of getting around the city of Miami and the city is served by a number of bus companies, train lines and taxi companies. There are many tourist areas in the city and these districts are best traversed on foot. Getting to and from different areas of the city, however, is best accomplished through more practical modes of transport.

Miami Buses

Miami is served by a complex and reliable commuter bus system. Most of Miami’s buses and bus routes have been improved in recent years making travel around the city even easier. These buses run on a steady time schedule while moving through their routes. Information on bus routes and schedules can be obtained from the bus company offices or the Miami-Dade Transit website.

Miami Metromover

Miami is home to the interesting Metromover, a “people mover” system that transports commuters travelling from train stations, the central business district, the Government Centre and some of the areas downtown. This is the best way of seeing the area without expending too much effort. The Metromover is also free for anybody who wants to use it.

Miami Monorail

The city is also served by an elevated rail system called the Metrorail.  This rail system can be used to get to and from most points in the city. A trip on the Metrorail will usually cost visitors around $2 with special discounts available for people with disabilities.


There are also many taxi companies operating in the city and it is easy to hail a cab in most parts of the city. Taxis can also be ordered via telephone. There are also numerous car rental companies established throughout the city for travellers who wish to drive around the city at their own pace.

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