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Budget airlines and flights to Miami, Florida

If you are looking to get to Miami, you use a number of low cost carriers. Here is a guide to some of the low cost and budget airline companies that fly into the city of Miami.

AirTran Airways – You can get flights into Miami from various locations in the US. Flights can cost as little as $59 to $189.

America West Airlines – The flights can cost as little as under $250 for flights going to Miami from other US cities. Flights from international locations to Miami are also fairly reasonable. This airline also offers special discounts on e-tickets and allows you the option of using miles.

Spirit Airlines – This is one of the best budget airline carriers into and it offers flights from cities like Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Newark, Atlantic City, Oakland and Budget airline to MiamiLos Angeles.

JetBlue Airways – This is another popular economic carrier that has flights into Miami from cities in the US.

Visitors will be able to book low cost flights both to and from Miami using low cost carriers like America West, Southwest Airlines, American Trans Air and Midwest Airlines.   

Most budget airlines from within the US fly into the Fort Lauderdale airport which is just outside Miami. However, there are few low carriers that also land in the Miami International Airport which is Miami’s biggest airport. Many international low cost carriers like Brussels Airlines, Air Berlin, AirTran Airways and Sun Country Airlines fly into the Miami International Airport from different parts of the world. Some budget airlines also fly into West Palm Beach airport. Find budget flights from Las Vegas to Miami.

British Airways although not a budget airline, has reasonably priced flights into Miami and travellers can get flights into the city from Aberdeen, Heathrow and Glasgow.

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