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Miami International Airport Transfers

Miami International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country with nearly a hundred carriers handling around two million passengers a month, offers excellent facilities for airport transfers.

Airport Taxis

There are plenty of taxis available for travellers who have claimed their baggage and are leaving the building. Sometimes there is a queue for these taxis, but the dispatchers in the booths nearby help people get a cab. You can also ask the dispatcher for vehicles that can be easily boarded with a wheelchair. If using a taxi at the airport be sure to use Miami airport transfersone of the official taxis.

Group Vans

For travellers in large groups, there are mini vans that can accommodate all the people and their baggage comfortably. Super Shuttles are also available, and these are ideal as well as economical for big groups of travellers.

Rates are standardised and usually there are flat fees for some specific areas. There are some points to bear in mind with regard to fares when one is using airport transfer services. If one has agreed to a flat fee, it generally includes toll payments, but if one is going by the taxi meter, one will have to pay for tolls as well. Gratuities are not included, so if one wants to tip the driver, one should add about 15% to the fare.

SuperShuttle and the Blue Vans

The standard blue vans which you see in many U.S airports are one of the popular services and they go by the name of Super Shuttle and they work also in Miami International airport.

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