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Local Transportation in Miami

There are a number of local transportation choices including by boat, road and air. Read about the various local transport choices...

Travel and getting there

The international airport is the main source of traffic into Dade County but there are a Coconut Grove vacation apartmentsnumber of options and transport types into Florida. Learn about getting to Miami.

Miami Trains

The United States is not a country with a very developed train system. There are though a few options. Learn more about Miami train travel....

Car Rental Hire

Getting around in many U.S. cities is easiest by car, without any real metro system as extensive as you might find in a European city such as Barcelona or Prague. More about Miami Car rental hire...

Airport Transfers

When you first arrive in Miami it can be disorientating if you are here for the first time. Organising an airport transfer ahead of time can work well. Miami airport transfers information...

Budget and Cheap flights

There are several options for cheap and budget flights to Miami, Florida and also via nearby Fort Lauderdale.

More Travel Ideas

Travel Lovers - Make sure also to visit th sites on Paris, Amsterdam and Rome culture if you are interested in holidays in Europe. The Berlin nightlife can greatly appeal to seasoned Miami night clubbers - both cities great for music and dance fans. For information on getting to Miami via Dubai airports make sure also visit our friends at Dubai culture. Love to travel?

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