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Guide to the Florida Marlins Baseball team.

Based out of Miami, Florida, the Florida Marlins are a two-time World Series winning professional baseball team. The first team was put together in 1993 as part of a franchise and won their first World Series in 1997, a mere four years after they first started playing.

Members of the Eastern Division of major league baseballs’ National League, the Florida Marlins currently share Land Shark Stadium, where they play all of their home games, with two other professional teams, the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Hurricanes. Fans of this baseball team will enjoy a tour of this stadium when on holiday in Florida.

Miami City and Marlin owners may have plans for a stadium to be constructed solely for the Florida Marlins to play home games in. The new ballpark will be built at an estimated Coconut Grove rentalscost of close to five hundred and fifteen million dollars and will also see the Florida Marlins renamed as the Miami Marlins.

The team’s unofficial nickname is ‘The Fish,’ originating from the Marlins, a species of fish. Some of the team’s most popular baseball players include Roy Halladay, Adrian Gonzalez, Chris Coghlan and Heath Bell and some die-hard baseball fans from all over Florida often fly into the city pf Miami just to see the Florida Marlins in action.

The Florida Marlins won the World Series twice; first in 1997 and later in 2003 and made it to the post season games as wild cards, despite not securing the winning positions in their divisions in both years.

Florida Marlin enthusiasts would do well to watch their team play as much as possible before 2011, which is when they will play their final seasons as the Florida Marlins, after which they will be named the Miami Marlins.

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