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Miami Sports guide: Baseball, football & basketball

Miami is a city which is excellent for avid sports fans with an excellent choice of sports on offer in the city. The city has major teams in 3 of the national sports with Baseball, American football and basketball. Below a look at the sports options in Miami.

Miami Dolphins American football

The Dolphins play in the Land Shark Stadium in the city, in the AFC East league. Learn more about the Dolphins....

Florida Marlins

The Marlins play in the National League and are the leading baseball team in Florida. Learn more about the Florida Marlins...

Miami Open Tennis

The Open International tennis tournament is an annual event which attracts the worlds best tennis players to the city. Miami OpenMore about the Miami Open Tennis tournament...

Jai Lai

A sport unknown to many but very popular in Miami, Jai Alai still has a niche following.

Miami FC

The professional soccer team in South Florida are Miami FC soccer club and they play in the USSF leagues.

Miami Heat Basketball

Miami Heat are city's professional basketball team and they play at the top level in the NBA.

If you are interested in U.S. sports then make sure also to visit our sister site on New York City and local sports, via with information on the NY Mets, Dodgers, Kinicks and Giants.

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