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5 Reasons you need Travel Insurance for Miami Trips

Illness and accidents - Medical cover for Miami

Travelling safe in Miami

When travelling to anywhere in the United States, it is important to have medical cover for the States as any treatment can be expensive without insurance. There are also no arrangements for British nationals who travel to America in regards to medical treatment. You will have to pay for any treatment you have, even if it is just a trip to the GP unless you are insured. It is also important that you are covered for repatriation cost too in the event that you are too ill to travel home normally, with costs of these flights anything up to $100,000 from the east coast of America to the UK.


It is rare that strangers are targeted; however tourists are at risk from muggers and vagrants, especially if carrying cameras and are seen to be carrying cash. If travelling to Miami then ensure you have insurance against injuries and loss or theft of personal possessions and that policies cover you in the event of a mugging or theft.

Dangerous Sports and Activities

There are many activities that visitors can do when travelling to Miami, some of which may require extra cover to be insured. These activities may include jet-skiing and other water sports as well as swimming with dolphins and other types of snorkelling and diving.

Natural Dangers

One of the biggest natural dangers that may affect a trip to Miami is Hurricanes. The hurricane season is between June and November, the peak tourist times, and may cause disruptions and cancellations of flights, as well as damage to accommodation. Tornadoes also pose a threat to holiday plans and may cause disruption to travel and accommodation. You can always find out the latest Miami News in regards to whether and hurricanes from the Miami Herald.

Personal Liability

Civil Liability insurance cover should be taken out in case of any accidents that may occur in which you may hurt another individual or damage property. This is particularly important if you are considering driving and hiring a car during your stay in Miami.

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