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Although not as popular and common in the U.S. as in a country such as the UK, Guest Houses and B&Bs are still a viable optin for those of you visiting Miami Florida on holiday or vacation.

Americans can be extremely friendly and open people and a stay in a guest house in Miami is an experience that you will most likely find rewarding and fun, with the hosts normally very helpful and hospitable. You will though need to consider careful the location particularly in terms of parking facilities (if you are driving a car rental) or public transort and the location from he guest house or B&B. Getting around Miami can be sometimes very easy (in a location such as Collins Avenue) or quite awkward if you are further inland.

Guest houseMiami Guest Houses do often mean a big saving on the cost of a hotel stay and the personalised service from the hosts in a guest house, for many people, adds to the overall travel experience.

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