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Boutique Hotels introduction

The whole concept of Boutique Hotels is relatively new over the last few years and different explanations exist to define exactly what the term means. My explanation is rented holiday or vacation accommodation which is often a cross between a hotel and vacation apartment but which is unique in design. Many boutique hotels are independently owned accommodation and quite artistic in design.

Miami is a perfect location for Boutique Hotels with the Art Deco area in the city, a perfect example of where you will find this accommodation type. South Beach is also an area in which several Boutique Hotels can be found and enjoyed.

Miami Boutique Hotels options and prices

Prices for boutique hotels tend to vary greatly but they do tend to be higher than short-term holiday apartments because the boutique hotels are often quite high class in A Miami boutique hotelrespect of design and facilities.

Sometimes hotels promote themselves as a Boutique Hotel even if they are not really this hotel type and this is done purely to use the 'Boutique' word for marketing and to try so be sure to check the hotels website and evaluate if it is really what you are expecting and looking for.

Most Boutique Hotels are not part of a chain because of independent and unique nature of this accommodation type so if a chain, then chances are they are not really a Boutique Hotel. Mr and Mrs Smith are the biggest provider of Boutique hotels and their site can be worth checking online.

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