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Miami vacation rentals

There are a number of vacation rentals in Miami and in all of the main tourist areas including Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne. The great advantage of this accommodation type is the chance for self-catering facilities and more than space than a hotel room. More about Miami Vacation rentals...

Best Hotels

Choosing which hotel to stay in in Miami is not easy, with such a choice and so many good options. Read our Top 5 suggestions for the best hotels in Miami and also a look at our favourite hotels on Collins Avenue by the beach.

Camping and camp sites

Miami may not be the first place you think of when it comes to camping but there are Miami vacation rentalsoptions and with the Florida weather this can be a great way to stay on the cheap.

Boutique Hotels

Quite a modern concept, Boutique Hotels offer a classy and interesting experience. More about Boutique Hotels in Miami...

Guest Houses

Guest houses are another option for visitors to the city. More about guest houses in Miami...

Holiday apartments

There is little difference between vacation rentals and holiday apartments and some people mean the same by these expressions. There are many companies who offer vacation rentals in Miami including the liks of More about holiday apartments...

Many companies offer holiday and vacation apartments in Miami and you should be able to find something close to Miami Beach or close Coconut Grove. These are great areas to be based if you are new to Miami.

Best Youth Hostels

There are many youth hostels in the city and these range from very good to not so good. There are numerous choices. Read our top 5 youth hostels in Miami...

Low Cost Options

There are also many budget hotels for affordable stays in areas including Little Havana, the Bay area and Dowtown.

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